Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Lazy London morning spills over into traffic on all sides as our departure becomes an excerise in patience and cooperation. We are headed to the English countryside, Steventon Oxford for Truck Festival. The drive is long for such a short distance though newly acquired passengers make it all the more manageable. Arrive hours later, however not late, in the sleepy town as old as anything we've seen so far on this journey. Coop for supplies then catch up with Claire. Sort out the credentials and build base camp near a fence in the midst of a fully functional cow pasture. We are in view of the site, main stage and all surrounding campers while slowly the masses begin to pour in. The van becomes a hostel and the 2 tents provided are home for the rest of the weekend. We have the good fortune of camping next to David and the other Zoe. They are very generous and we are grateful to be near them.
This seems a well deserved end to a long trip. Within the past months, whether the scene and the sights were peaceful (as many if not all were) this feels like the first time we have nothing to do, nowhere to be, and no one to track down. Most of the day is spent laying around in the grass or taking in long walks around the perimeter. Truck Festival is very simply a collective of positivity. It is good to see old friends and a feeling of familiarity sweeps through the camp. In vast detail every aspect of this experience would take volumes to describe. The sounds, the majesty of the setting, and love for the company we keep are far too expansive. It is again, an overwhelming experience. It will all be ending soon. Best not to think about it.
Inevitably, Supergrass can play no longer. Christine has said her farewells, Neil and Adam pressing on, Mark gone missing, the Bennetts all consumed with post fest details, and the rest of the locals fully engulfed in beat hive bliss or other. We pull up stakes, fold up tents, pack in the bus and slowly limp down the access road. There are a few hours sleep to be had. Morning, pre-sun morning being a rarity in waking, has arrived. Farewell Zoe. Back to Dover. Breakfast at a local 'American' diner and then this unit parts ways. One to stay and the rest to travel onward and connect home. Brothers and sisters, its been a wonderful experience. Truly unforgettable.

This journey had begun at an airport in Berlin as a party of 3. How it ended, if only temporarily, left us speechless. To those we met and to those we did not we would like to sincerely, with all that we are, thank you for making this possible and contributing in some way or form to its growing, pulsing being.

Untill we meet again. A/P.