Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trapped On A Frozen Lake

The vast arena of possibility is perhaps the most often and easily forgotten as we trudge through the doldrums of home. The days peel away, not without incident, but also not with...something. Abandoning our aspirations of another lengthy jaunt we retire on our newly acquired base. For now. It is comprised of both recent and familiar characters, all playing a different role, filling in the gaps, and making this short (hopefully) interum liveable. The movement presses on. Short clips broken off here and there. Certain instances bring us back to familiar territory while t he faces have changed the feeling remains.

Its mostly business now. Where do we go from here. Stay out of trouble. Keep your head down. Best foot forward. So on, etc...

This flicker still warms our home. At the end of the day, it was all we ever really wanted.

Now we would like some more.

The end of this year looms and the biggest event of our short existence is drawing near. For those of you who have banded together to help us through...we're trying to give it back and someday we will

Thank you friends.

Berlin, we've not forgotten. Time is a rare commodity these days and you are far too grand for a 15 minute reminder.