Friday, August 14, 2009

Expect The Unexpected

In December our Munich date had been cancelled. Apparently for lack of interest. We had heard upon returning home that people had in fact purchased tickets and were somewhat frustrated that we had not turned up. It was not our decision.
Leaving Holland in our wake, Munich was a quick 9 hour hop. These lanes are going to be our end it would seem. One can literally reach out and touch the traffic to the right or the median to the left. We opt for neither. Every 50 miles is met with a gasp of relief as the corridor gets wider. Beginning to hate the Autobahn.
We have been told Bavaria was the conservative district of Germany. Apparently the people are rather reserved, the traditions well accounted for, and the rules a bit more adhered to. Parking is impossible. All are very warm and receptive.
Aftershow dance party is assembled and our hosts gladly accept our suggestion in the mix, buy us drinks, and invite us back. Not only is this venue in their possession but the other in town, as well as a late night restaurant up the block. We are pulled into the street. Center of Munich contains a square within which all of the local youth and those not SO far removed from youth gather. Acoustic guitars again. Skateboarding, singalongs, and streets flowing of drink. We are ushered to the restaurant. Placing orders with a visibly displeased daughter, toasted to, and urged to carry on playing. This is the furthest possible concept of conservatism. Small group funnels out into the street taking residence along the curb and the songs continue. Polizei arrive to calm the commotion. They instead request more music. We are on about 4 hours of collective sleep. Bavaria is alive and well. Sun returns. Rest is a distant acquaintance. We wonder what happened in December. This couldnt possibly be the same Munich.

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