Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sentimental Jets

We began 2011 in solitude.
Cold punishing drifts of newly fallen snow they are climbing our front room windows. Salted ice flows create a treacherous impass at every turn and our winter assures wholeheartedly to leave would be, at the very least, an endeavor.
It is not unthinkable. Home, fireplaces, song, local friends while the days fall away. All comforting. All now, beginning to feel more routine rather than a sentence.

Routines. Not our best color. The focus shifts to escape. Comfort giving way to monotony. Something must be on the other side. A something which must be worth stirring us from the icy caverns of this dead of winter.

Los Angeles.

Leaving the 7 degrees fahrenheit, concrete, frosty malcontent of a Sunday morning to arrive in an 80 degree, palm strewn loveliness of that very same morning is the perfect remedy. We have arrived intrigued, thawed and renewed.

Its been a long time since we've last checked in here. A year? Perhaps. Since we've last spoken some things have happened.

Meet Your New Love.

Thank you for listening, we are very pleased that its here and you are hearing it. A benchmark for the beginning of the new journey.

A month has already passed since the opening words of this statement were written. Already travelled around the world since those thoughts landed on keys. Its still cold, its still winter and oddly enough, flying back to Los Angeles to start the second trip of 2011.

Its been a busy one, but for now, we are saying...not promising we shall be a bit more attentive. Tour is happening. Lets get re-acquainted.

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