Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Country Living

En route to Prague, short stopover on the way, first encounter with German wildlife. Chance photo of a particular moment in history turned into a horrorshow. Couldnt feel it, couldnt hear it, but as I stood to ready my camera the largest living beetle ever seen dropped out of the left leg of my jeans. A frantic dance coupled with a near blackout and on to Czech.

Prague is an old city. In the summer its feels a lot easier to lose track of time and purpose. Sat on the river bank, stared at the panoramic beauty and fed the ducks.
We met quite a few fantastic people at the show.
After sundown, another walk around the city and then a drive to the country.
Thank you Farah, you are a particularly bright light in the vast realm of highlights which we have accumulated over the weeks.

Morning, Czech breakfast courtesy of Chateau Guichard and the lovely Blanka. Rolled around the hills for a spell and then a swim in the local community pool. Beautiful country. Endless sunsets.

France is waiting.

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