Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home Away From Berlin

Back in Cologne. Chips and beer at local Imbiss. Discuss astrology with the landlord and realize how cosmic Travis' birthdate really is. Hoffi calls to let us know the show will be accomplanied by Portland band Portugal The Man. Aces.
Stereo Wonderland, great spot in town immediately next door to the Rose Club, a host of all night dance parties everytime we've been here.

Crowd is expanding at the door.

Post show dinner at Tinas, very nice way to end. Garrett skates back to the club to settle up. 1am, 2am, 3am decide collectively (with a little persuasion) that Rose Club is the best option. Dance party is on. At this point in history we have been inundated with Michael Jackson singles for better and worse. Granted a reprieve by the Rose Club which is primarily decent R&B with the occassional flare of bad hip hop. Portugal the Man/AP+ leave as the sun begins to rise.

Sleep in a bit. Hit the road and we are passing through Belgium before we realize how we never have enough time in this beautiful city. Someday.

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