Sunday, July 12, 2009


Day 2, easy drive to Bremen. Morning and early afternoon we spend on a thorough walk in the city. Many photos to take. Relax in the park briefly and then off. Atlantic/Pacific to a local waterfront restauranteur: 'Sorry, do you know of a venue named festival?' Venue didnt exist but the Bremen Festival did. The Bremen Festival is a massive 3 tent affair which consists of pretty much the entirety of the city. Local food, and drink and an enormous roster of bands set on the riverbank. We play our second outdoor show under a large red and white tent. Sky opened immediately after and soaked the grounds. Thank you to everyone who made it such a surreal and magnificent evening.

Post show we are given the keys to a beautiful home on the outskirts of the city equipped with a front and rear garden as well as full fridge. Germany, we love you.

Blogs are nearly impossible to keep up with but we are trying. First few days was spent fighting jet lag. Everything after that has been constant motion and lack of wifi. Hopefully we get better at it.

Berlin is next and so is Phillip. Look out.

Thank you Bremen.

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