Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello Hamburg

Tuesday morning apartment rehearsal. Newark airport. Anxiety, excitement, extremely full flight, and not a single minute of sleep. Arrive Berlin. Hello Travis. Car, slight GPS language barrier. Autobahn and 4 hours later. Hello Hamburg.

Hamburg, though we've seen you 6 months ago feels like we were here yesterday. We are scheduled to play at the music building atop the roof of a concrete bunker commissioned during the fiercest of WWII fighting. Sold out.
Familiar avenues inundated with German wall art lead us lazily through to our afternoon destination. Breakfast finally and then an impromptu rehearsal at the local spielplatz. Children pull up benches in front of ours, at least a dozen, and we have our first proper show. At first they were intrigued then gradually slipped back into their waterballoon business. We were happy to play for them.

Spiral concrete stairs. No sleep in 36 hours. Soundcheck.
First show goes on remarkably well considering physical and mental condition. Post show. Drinks. We are approaching 72 hours awake. Lights out.

Morning. Wander Hamburg. Beautiful weather. Docks. Hundreds of photos. Off to Bremen.

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