Saturday, July 18, 2009


Stopover in Cologne courtesy of Tina to break up the marathon drive from Czech to Holland. Early night and some skateboarding in the morning. We always leave this city on a wonderful breakfast and a positive vibe. Onto Rotterdam. Show in December was one of our favorites, so very much looking forward to it. Arrive with the rain to Watt and load in, soundcheck, and enjoy Dutch hospitality. Quick wander though the city to reconnect with coffeeshops and cafes of days past.

Right shoe = almost completely destroyed.

Somewhere exists a live recording of our set. Officially sold out of tshirts. All 6. Regroup with the locals afterward and head off to the spot. Nice to have some friends in town now.

Rain pulls all stops, floods our outdoor position. Back to the hotel.

Next morning, staff gorillas too boring to elaborate on block a stress free departure as we collect our gear. Lates.

Back to Cologne.

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